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Bolt  and Nut Protection Caps

Bolt and Nut Protection Caps

Choice of black or white. Protect against weathering and tampering. Enhance finished appearance. Manufactured from UV- stabilised material.

Metric - To fit DIN 933 standard bolts
Narudžbenica brojColorFor Screwd (mm)Komada u pakovanjucijena/pakovanje/komcijena/Ikom)
15211BlackM57,95000 kom0,55 HRK0,75 HRK
12924WhiteM57,95000 kom0,55 HRK0,75 HRK
12837BlackM69,85000 kom0,32 HRK0,52 HRK
12722WhiteM69,85000 kom0,35 HRK0,58 HRK
12838BlackM812,85000 kom0,32 HRK0,55 HRK
12723WhiteM812,85000 kom0,35 HRK0,55 HRK
12839BlackM1016,82500 kom0,55 HRK0,75 HRK
12724WhiteM1016,82500 kom0,58 HRK0,81 HRK
12840BlackM1218,82000 kom0,35 HRK0,55 HRK
12725WhiteM1218,82000 kom0,58 HRK1 HRK
12841BlackM1421,81200 kom1,5 HRK2,4 HRK
12726WhiteM1421,81200 kom1,9 HRK3,2 HRK
12842BlackM1623,81000 kom0,81 HRK1,3 HRK
12727WhiteM1623,81000 kom0,75 HRK1,2 HRK
12955BlackM1826,81500 kom1,9 HRK3,2 HRK
12836WhiteM1826,81500 kom2,1 HRK3,4 HRK
12970BlackM2029,81200 kom1,9 HRK3,2 HRK
12920WhiteM2029,81200 kom2,8 HRK4,5 HRK
12046BlackM2231,8800 kom3,6 HRK5,9 HRK
12921WhiteM2231,8800 kom3,7 HRK6,1 HRK
12893BlackM2435,7500 kom3,6 HRK5,9 HRK
12892WhiteM2435,7500 kom4,2 HRK6,8 HRK

Imperial - UNF
Narudžbenica brojColorFor Screwd (mm)Komada u pakovanjucijena/pakovanje/komcijena/Ikom)
10882Black1/410,95000 kom0,81 HRK1,3 HRK
10883White1/410,95000 kom0,84 HRK1,4 HRK
10886Black7/1615,82500 kom1,1 HRK1,8 HRK
10887White7/1615,82500 kom1,2 HRK1,9 HRK
12840Black1/218,82000 kom0,35 HRK0,55 HRK
12725White1/218,82000 kom0,58 HRK1 HRK
12842Black5/823,81000 kom0,81 HRK1,3 HRK
12727White5/823,81000 kom0,75 HRK1,2 HRK

Metric - To fit ISO 4017 standard bolts
Narudžbenica brojColorFor Screwd (mm)Komada u pakovanjucijena/pakovanje/komcijena/Ikom)
110824BlackM1015,82500 kom0,52 HRK0,87 HRK
110825WhiteM1015,82500 kom0,52 HRK0,87 HRK
110820BlackM1217,82000 kom0,35 HRK0,55 HRK
110821WhiteM1217,82000 kom0,35 HRK0,55 HRK
110822BlackM1420,81200 kom0,73 HRK1,2 HRK
110823WhiteM1420,81200 kom0,73 HRK1,2 HRK

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity.

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