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Remo Two™ - Removeable Adhesive Foam Pieces on Pads

Remo Two™ - Removeable Adhesive Foam Pieces on Pads

Double sided removeable adhesive foam pieces. Great for sticking up temporary signage or posters. Pads are great for display kits and jobs. Removeable adhesive both sides. Not recommnended for applications with direct UV exposure. Removes clearly from most hard non-delaminating surfaces. Ideal when removability is important from both sides.

Narudžbenica brojparametriPieces per Padsalary in packcijena/pakovanje/komcijena/Ikom)
4711210,825,4x76,210 kom1251 HRK1,4 HRK
4711551,625,4x76,210 kom1250,93 HRK1,6 HRK
4711190,825,4x25,410 kom4000,29 HRK0,58 HRK
4711200,825,4x50,810 kom2000,58 HRK0,99 HRK
4711531,625,4x25,410 kom4000,32 HRK0,64 HRK
4711541,625,4x50,810 kom2000,64 HRK1 HRK
4711843,225,4x50,810 kom1500,81 HRK1,3 HRK

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity.

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