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MASIV (heavy duty) pipe clamp, type M12 and 1 clamping head

MASIV (heavy duty) pipe clamp, type M12 and 1 clamping head

Surface finish: galvanic zinc plated. MASIV (heavy duty) pipe clamp is designed for the fixing of heavy, steel or cast iron pipes. In combination with a pole with thread and the corresponding bracket, you can create a fixed point, which can be anchored directly to the ceiling, wall, floor or beam assembly. Clamp mounting head M12 (M16) is intended to consolidate the heavy, steel or cast iron pipe. You may also add options to the main clamp 1/2, 3/4, 1, 5/4. With absorbing rubber liner.

Part NumberFixing
head (mm)
External diameter of the pipeK x T
OMASSW100072078M12,M167572-7830x31 kom24 HRK
OMASSW100087092M12,M169087-9230x31 kom26 HRK
OMASSW100108118M12,M16110108-11830x31 kom42 HRK
OMASSW100125130M12,M16125125-13040x41 kom46 HRK
OMASSW100133137M12,M16133133-13740x41 kom48 HRK
OMASSW100138140M12,M16140138-14440x41 kom50 HRK
OMASSW100159165M12,M16160159-16540x41 kom55 HRK
OMASSW100164170M12,M16165164-17040x41 kom56 HRK
OMASSW100182188M12,M16185182-18840x41 kom60 HRK
OMASSW100193203M12,M16200193-20340x41 kom66 HRK
OMASSW100208214M12,M16212208-21440x41 kom69 HRK
OMASSW100217224M12,M16219217-22440x41 kom71 HRK
OMASSW100244254M12,M16250244-25440x41 kom78 HRK
OMASSW100267277M12,M16267267-27740x41 kom83 HRK
OMASSW100278282M12,M16280278-28240x41 kom84 HRK
OMASSW100313318M12,M16315313-31840x41 kom94 HRK
OMASSW100320326M12,M16323320-32650x51 kom133 HRK
OMASSW100353360M12,M16355353-36050x51 kom133 HRK

Without damping rubber liners

Part NumberFixing
head (mm)
External diameter of the pipeK x T
OMASOW100072078M12,M167572-7830x31 kom33 HRK
OMASOW100087092M12,M169087-9230x31 kom36 HRK
OMASOW100108118M12,M16110108-11830x31 kom63 HRK
OMASOW100125130M12,M16125125-13040x41 kom64 HRK
OMASOW100133137M12,M16133133-13740x41 kom67 HRK
OMASOW100138140M12,M16140138-14440x41 kom71 HRK
OMASOW100159165M12,M16160159-16540x41 kom76 HRK
OMASOW100164170M12,M16165164-17040x41 kom79 HRK
OMASOW100182188M12,M16185182-18840x41 kom82 HRK
OMASOW100193203M12,M16200193-20340x41 kom84 HRK
OMASOW100208214M12,M16212208-21440x41 kom86 HRK
OMASOW100217224M12,M16219217-22440x41 kom92 HRK
OMASOW100244254M12,M16250244-25440x41 kom96 HRK
OMASOW100267277M12,M16267267-27740x41 kom97 HRK
OMASOW100278282M12,M16280278-28240x41 kom102 HRK
OMASOW100313318M12,M16315313-31840x41 kom109 HRK
OMASOW100320326M12,M16323320-32650x51 kom107 HRK
OMASOW100353360M12,M16355353-36050x51 kom107 HRK

Navedene cijene su bez PDV, a plaća se pouzećem. Ukoliko je naveden broj narudžbenice, molimo napišite iz odabranu vrstu robe. Troškovi dostave od 55 HRK.

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